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28 February 2010 @ 07:28 pm

A/N: Hello everyone! I'm alive and well, and I hope I'll get the chance to read all the stories I've been following and leave comments. And also take a look at new icons, wallpapers, and other updates. I seriously haven't had the time... it's sad... I miss LJ. And so much has happened since the last time I was here! :-O

Anyway, here are some headers I've made, wanted to share them with you, feel free to use them. They have some matching icons, made four for each header... couldn't make up my mind! What else? Well, please credit when use, and... you don't have to take one of the headers if you only want to use one specific icon, just credit when use, like it said. ;-)

Header #1


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09 February 2010 @ 02:51 pm

A/N: Hello again! Yes. My life pretty much sucks right now. School is... school. I can't do the things I like. Like being here on LJ. I really miss LJ... But I hope I can catch up with everything that's happened here. And then, hopefully, start writing again. I only have one part left of Soft Thorns in the Leather. I really want to finish that story. I really miss you guys, and Guy & Marian... If there is something you guys think I should know about, please update me! I have pages and pages and even more pages I haven't even had the chance to look at over here yet! So, well, that's pretty much it. Maybe you guys don't even miss me, I don't know. I still miss you though. ;-)

Anyway, here are some Lucas North Icons I made last week. I hope you enjoy them! :-)

TEASER! Icon 007 TEASER! Icon 010 TEASER! Icon 017 TEASER! Icon 021

[ x ] Credit when use.
[ x ] Ask me first if you want to change some of the icons.
[ x ] Take as many as you want! :-D Well, not exactly a rule... But you get my point. ;-)

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24 January 2010 @ 12:00 pm

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Oh my God. Hello. I haven't been checking out LJ for almost three weeks, I haven't written anything for like a month. School is driving me nuts and well, I hate it. There is so much going on and I have seriously lost my power in writing. Maybe it will come back... maybe not. I really hope it will. But it may take a while. Everytime I write stuff like this: "the next chapter won't come anytime soon", "you have to wait". The chapter always ends up finished the next day... But this time it's true. It WILL take some time for me to finish it, since I obviously have other stories to finish. Anyway, I hope you guys are well. I'm so far behind in EVERYTHING here on LJ! All the stories I've followed, and all artwork and news... I mean, I have lots of stuff to check out! It will take weeks for sure! But I really look forward to it.
Here are some icons I made a few weeks ago. Didn't have time to post them (I forgot about them really...). Please credit if you take some. Hope you like them! Have a great day! :-)

EDIT: Yes, about this credit thing. If you find some icons you really like, but want to change - like write something on them or something. Please, you're welcome to do so. But I would still really like to have credit for the icon. Just ask before you do it. I actually have a kind heart, seriously! ;-)

 TEASER! Icon 001 TEASER! Icon 018 TEASER! Icon 021

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07 January 2010 @ 05:22 pm

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A couple of Guy/Marian icons I made during the week. Please, take all you want! But please credit if you do. :) I do enjoy hearing what you think, so please, tell me! :D I wish you all a good day!

 TEASER! Icon 025 TEASER! Icon 002 TEASER! Icon 028

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06 January 2010 @ 04:03 pm

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Hello there everyone! I've been trying to do something new for once, I have never been good at making icons and stuff, so I thought I might give it a real chance. I have more then these in store, but I'm not putting them all up yet. Just want to see where this goes! ;-) (I'm not really into making Guy/Robin stuff, but this episode is veeery good.)
Please credit if you take some of them, and of course I'd be happy to hear what you think of them!
And also a big thank you thymelady  for helping me with the codes! :-D


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Christmas Eve. Nothing or no one can describe Christmas with one little word. And if you had just one word to describe it with… what would it be? Guy didn’t know… But he would find out.

Guy woke early that morning. He turned over, still with his eyes gently closed. He softly flung his arm to the other side of the bed to capture Marian underneath his weight. But the place was empty.

He opened his eyes and looked around the room. He couldn’t see Marian anywhere. He flew out of bed, threw on a black tunic and a pair of dark blue breeches, and then he quickly headed towards the door.

“Marian!” he called loudly and stumbled down the staircase. He was about to call her name again when he saw her kneeling in front of their little Christmas tree. She hadn’t noticed him yet. She looked so happy and excited about Christmas when she smiled at the tree that was covered with colourful items and something glittery. And at the top of the tree – a grand star shone brightly when the fire from the fireplace hit it.

Guy stood at the end of the stairs with a small smile on his lips. He walked quietly over to her and sunk down to his own knees next to her. Marian smiled without looking at him.

“Isn’t Christmas wonderful?” she asked in harmony. The burning fire next to them made the room light up in a warm tone. Marian looked at Guy tenderly. He could see that she was happy. That was the only thing that mattered.

Guy leaned behind the tree and brought back a large box. Marian’s eyes grew wide in surprise, but her grand smile lingered. “Guy, what is this? I thought we agreed not to give each other any Christmas gifts…” she said as Guy gave her the wooden box. She had suspected that he would give her something… she had plans of her own as well.

Guy smirked. “You know me – always full of surprises…” he whispered and watched Marian open the gift.

Marian took off the lid and giggled happily and rose to her feet with the long cloth in her hands. It was a very beautiful dress in a wonderful blue colour, which sometimes reflected in a dark purple tone. The fabric was very soft, Marian had to stroke it, and she couldn’t let it go.

“Guy… It’s gorgeous. I love it!” she said very moved and bent down and stole a quick little kiss. “Now, it’s your turn!” she said.

Guy raised an eyebrow. “My turn? For what exactly?” he asked.

“Your turn to get a Christmas gift!” Marian said and reached for a small little box.

Guy looked at her profile, he was a little shocked… and he also felt this warm feeling inside. He had never gotten a real Christmas gift before. No, he had never gotten a gift before. He got Marian. Well, she couldn’t be compared to a gift… But she is the only thing that truly mattered to him. Even though they weren’t married, nor engaged… He couldn’t be happier.

And now, the woman he loves the most are going to give him his first gift, ever.

Marian handed him a neat little box. Guy stared at it for a while before he slowly opened it.

Yes, he had never gotten a gift before, and now when he saw his absolute first gift – he wondered if it was a joke.

“A key?” he asked and held up a petty old key before himself.

Marian smiled. “Yes. This is not a regular key though. This is a very special key. Now, you can unlock my love anywhere, anytime and how many times you want… because you’ve got the key to my love.” Marian said calmly and took his free hand in hers.

And there they were, in the middle of the floor, holding hands, looking at a key – Guy’s first gift.

Marian gesture had truly hit Guy’s heart. Even if it wasn’t a regular gift – it was better.


Same day, later that day when the moon had approached the sky – Guy sat in one of the armchairs with Marian in his lap. He had his eyes closed and a small smile had been on his lips all day long.

“Guy…” Marian said carefully.

“Mmm?” he mumbled in response.

Marian smiled again. “The key wasn’t your real Christmas gift…” she said with a low voice. Guy slowly opened his eyes when Marian rose from his lap and walked back to the tree.

She came back with another small box in her hand. She sunk down on her knees in front of his armchair and gave it to him. Guy looked at her for a minute before he focused on the box.

“Open it…” Marian said. “But before you do… I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and that my heart always will belong to you…”

Guy was almost nervous now… and he hadn’t even opened the little box yet. But he found the power to open it, and when he did - he lost his breath and stared at the woman before him.

“Guy of Gisborne,” she began with happy tears in her eyes. “will you marry me?”

Guy had the beautiful ring between his fingers, his whole hand was shaking. “Yes… Yes! Yes I will marry you!” he said loudly to overpower his shocked self. He couldn’t describe how happy he was.


In the middle of the night after a day filled with joy – Guy and Marian lay sleeping in the grand armchair next to the fire, embracing each other. Both of them had a smile on their lips, but Guy was most happy, mainly because he was dreaming about his first real gift he had around his finger. But also because he finally knew the word he could describe Christmas with.


Christmas is love.

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The sparkling fire shone through the room to the other side where Marian sat. The soft armchair was Marian’s best friend this time of day in the middle of the winter. The landscapes outside were all covered with snow, and right now the sun was slowly sliding down behind the trees.

Marian sat in her armchair for a long while. She had promised Guy to stay home in Knighton Hall all day. He said he needed to show her something and that she couldn’t leave the manor. So she stayed. But she would probably fall asleep if Guy didn’t turn up soon…

Only a few minutes later the door opened and Guy appeared in the doorway with a selfish smirk on his lips. Marian had crawled up in the armchair, resting her head against the armrest. She glanced at him and sighed.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for you…?” she mumbled quietly and closed her eyes again for a moment.

Guy didn’t reply. He went over to her and began to drag her out off the chair. Marian gasped when he lifted her up and carried her out from the house. Guy put her up on his horse and came up behind her, still without saying one word.

“Guy, I don’t like this. Where are you taking me?” Marian asked. She was not mad at him or anything. She only felt more powerless when she didn’t know what was going on. But apart from the not knowing she thought this was very intriguing.

Guy made the horse turn and gallop towards the big road leading to the edge of the forest. He had big plans for today’s event.

Marian tried to read Guy’s face but found herself that she couldn’t. Whatever it was he was up to, he obviously hadn’t plan tell her just yet.

They reached the forest’s end. The horse came to a halt as Guy jumped down and then helped Marian down. The sun was still visible at the treetops and made the snowy ground reflect in a pink tone.

Marian turned to him and stared at him.

“What is going on, Guy? You’re making me nervous…” she said and gave the area a quick glance.

Guy chuckled and offered her his arm. “I don’t want to spoil the surprise, Marian.” he said with a small smile on his lips.

“I don’t like surprises…” Marian said.

“You’re going to like this one.” he said and took out some sort of cloth from his pocket and made it to a blindfold. Marian glared at him.

“Guy!” she shouted when she only saw darkness.

“It’s okay, Marian. Trust me.” he whispered and smiled to himself knowing Marian couldn’t see it. He took her deep in to the forest. And then suddenly Marian felt Guy stopping.

“Guy?” she said weakly. He still didn’t reply, instead he took off Marian’s blindfold. Marian had had her eyes closed under the fold, but when she slowly opened them and saw what was in front of them – her heart skipped an enormous beat.

The first thing she noticed was the torches standing lit in one circle around them. The second thing she noticed was the grand trees standing behind the gloomy torches, covered in thick layers of snow. The sparkling fire reflected in it.

The third thing she noticed was the ice-covered little stream next to them, and then a few feet ahead of them she could see a small table with two goblets, a can and a tray with cheese and grapes. And then, the very last thing she noticed was the big round, wooden bath tub standing in the snow. Hot water filled it and the steam rose high on the sky.

Marian turned to Guy quickly. “You’ve done all this?” she asked in shock.

Guy smiled calmly and met her pure eyes. “Yes.” he said.

“Is this what you’ve been doing all day?”

“Yes.” he simply answered.

Marian didn’t get the chance to ask him anything else because he was already off to the tub – taking off his clothes as he walked. And then he went in to the hot bath. The bath tub was big enough for ten full grown men.

Guy dipped his head and then drew his hands through his wet hair. He swam to the edge and smiled at Marian – who still stood a few feet away.

Marian smiled too and neared the wooden tub. “Do you want me to join you?” she asked and glanced at the water.

“Oh yes…” Guy said and grinned widely.

Marian took off all her clothes and went inside to join Guy.

Guy moved closer and handed her one of the goblets. They stared at each other, neither of them knew for how long. Marian was the first to break the silence.

“I can’t believe you’ve done this for me, Guy. It’s wonderful. Thank you.” she said and took his free hand in the water.

“I would do anything for you.” he said and moved even closer to her. Their lips pressed together, and their bodies did the same. Both of them dropped their goblets in to the water when the kiss got more intense…


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It had been a quiet supper at Locksley for Guy and Marian. It was Christmas Eve in no time and it hadn’t been a single snowflake in sight. Marian was most sad about it. Guy never thought about snow that much like Marian did. He just wanted to give her the perfect Christmas gift. Even if Marian looked forward to give Guy a Christmas gift as well, she would be so grateful if they could have a little bit of snow this time of year too.

“It won’t come just because you pray for it. You’ll just have to wait, Marian…” Guy said as he drained his goblet of ale. Just a couple of hours to go, then Christmas Eve were here.

Marian sighed deeply and turned to him with a disappointed look. She had really looked forward for Christmas this year. She had been together with Guy for almost a year now… And it was worth celebrating she thought. And at Christmas time would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate. 

“I know. But it’s sad, don’t you think?” she asked.

“That we don’t have snow?” he said with raised eyebrows. “Well, not really. It’s easier to ride without it, you can see where you’re going, it’s not as cold – ”

“Guy…” Marian said with a non cheerful tone.

“It’s very sad, Marian.” he said. After all, he didn’t want her to be unhappy. He smiled calmly and rose from his chair and rounded the table so he came to her side and sat down on the chair next to her. He studied her for a while in silence.

Marian tilted her head when she saw Guy starring. “What are you staring at?” she asked with a small smile without looking at him too long. She saw him smile even more at her question and she noticed him move closer in the corner of her eye.

“I’m staring at you, because you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world.” Guy said and neared her more to kiss her. He was an inch away from her lips with his own when Marian suddenly flew off the chair and ran towards the window. Guy almost feel forward by her sudden move and looked up in confusion.

“Marian? What are you doing?” he asked and tried to lean back against the back of the chair. He didn’t hear her reply.

“Guy! It’s snowing!” Marian shouted happily and headed for the door. Guy reacted when he saw her leaving the manor in just her evening gown of very thin material. He came to his feet and hurried after her. When he came to the door he stopped suddenly and looked over the village. The snow was swarming down on the ground, covering it with enormous, white fluffy snowflakes.

Marian was standing in the middle of the yard, just letting the snowflakes hit her. She smiled and turned to Guy who still stood at the door with his arms folded. When he looked away she took the opportunity to gather some snow in her hands and hurry towards him. She smiled and stopped in front of him.

“Why are you standing here? It’s snowing, Guy! Come on.” Marian said and waited for him to enter the white ground.

“I’m not really into snow, Marian. I’ll wait here.” He said and licked his lip as he looked at her. Marian looked at the ground for a while before she met his eyes again. His eyes seemed bluer than ever because of the white snow reflecting from the ground. She smiled playfully which made Guy raise an eyebrow.

“What?” he asked doubtfully. He didn’t notice that Marian had both hands behind her back until now and when he finally got it together his eyes widened and he stared at her. “Oh, no. not a chance…” he said and was about go back inside.

But Marian was much quicker than him and he got a snowball smashed in his face before he could think of something himself. He stood there on the doorstep with snow all over his features and he tried to get most of it away by shaking it off and then brush away the rest with his hand.

Marian stood laughing loudly before him and the snow was still flying around her.

“You will regret this!” Guy said and lunged forward to catch her but Marian began to run around outside the manor, still with the laughter high in her throat.

Guy couldn’t keep his laugh to himself either. So he chased her across the yard and soon he reached her and pulled them both down on the snowy ground. They rolled around until Guy landed on his back and Marian landed on top of him. Sitting on his abdomen, Marian smiled down at him. But her smiled quickly faded when she saw his expression.

He didn’t smile; neither did he look at her at first. He sighed deeply and raised his eyes.

“Marian, I have to tell you something…” he began, he sounded very serious and Marian felt an uncomfortable feeling building inside.

He glared at her. “Well, I’ve done this thing… Please, tell me you will still love me…”

“Guy, what-“

“Marian. Tell me.” he said strongly and looked in to her eyes.

“I will always love you, Guy…” Marian said. She was very worried and confused in this moment.

“Good.” he said. “Because if I were you, I would close my eyes…” he whispered and grabbed a hand full of snow and threw it in Marian’s face.

Marian was covered with snow, her face was all white and Guy couldn’t keep his chuckle away. They rolled and Guy landed on top of Marian, she looked so cute with snow all over her face. He leaned down.

“You are my little snowflake, and I will always love you.” Guy said peacefully and bent down and pressed his cold lips against hers. But it didn’t take long until both their lips were warm again. The snow covering Marian’s mouth melted and Guy could finally see her again.

Marian smiled, Guy smiled and they both lay there in the snow, embracing each other while the full moon stood high on the glittery sky. The falling snow fell down more smoothly now and the flakes were smaller.

Guy turned to Marian, his leather clad back was white now, but he didn’t care.

“Merry Christmas, Marian.” he said.

“Merry Christmas, Guy.” she replied and after that they both shared their first Christmas kiss as the time passed midnight.


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It was a late evening when Guy walked beside Marian in the deep snow back to the castle from the stables after their nightfall ride. The conversation they had shared within the hour had taken its turn into an argument from what Guy noticed. He raised his eyebrow when Marian went through her believes once again.

“But you can’t be all serious about that…” he said as they crossed the courtyard.

Marian glanced at him. “I mean it, Guy.” She sounded very serious at this point. Guy straightened a little sceptical.

“I cannot agree with you.” he said strongly and sighed. Marian turned her head towards him and glared at him with her mouth half open.

“What? You must be teasing me… I know you’re not serious.”

“Actually, I am deadly serious.” he said and avoided Marian’s look.

“But… kittens are much cuter than horses.” she said as they neared the castle gate.

Guy sighed again and observed her a little. “Maybe, but horses are more beautiful than… cats.” he said and held the castle door open to her. She went inside sort of dramatically and headed towards the stairs leading to the kitchen.

“Horses are good. But when kittens…” Marian began – smiling. “When kittens grow up – they become beautiful, charming creatures.” she said with a cheeky smile and walked down the stairs with Guy not far behind her.

Guy snarled. “Beautiful, charming creatures?” he asked with raised eyebrows. “They grow up to be monsters. I have seen your cat. And he is not very nice…” Guy said and looked away from her as they came down to the empty kitchen. All the servants and cooks had finished for the day.

Marian turned to him. “You mean Mr. Tight-leather-pants? Oh no! He is a wonderful cat and he loves you.” she said and entered the kitchen. Guy followed her.

“What does that name mean anyway?” he asked and leaned against one of the tables.

A giggle rose in Marian’s throat and she smiled. “Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

“Very well.” Guy said. “But still, you have a horse. Isn’t your horse a much better friend to you than your fat cat?”

“I like horses, Guy. But I like cats more. Can’t we just leave it at that?” she asked and looked at him. He was still leaning against the wooden table.

“Fine.” he said. “But I don’t think Mr. Tight-leather-pants loves me at all…”

Marian walked over to the table and sat down next to him. “Why do you say that?” she asked softly.

“If he loves me – then why does he always like pushes me away when I enter your room?”

“Pushes you away? How do you mean?” Marian asked a little confused.

“Whenever I enter your room… he comes over to me and like walks around me and then he always pushes against me with his head, and sometimes with his side…” Guy said annoyed and sat down on the chair.

Marian sat quiet, just looking at the man next to her. She didn’t blink until Guy said her name a few minutes later.

“Guy, that’s what cats do. And he is not pushing you away… That’s how cats say hello and show that they like the person…” she said calmly before smiling at Guy’s blushing cheeks. She laughed quietly when Guy looked away like he’d know that was how cats acted.

Guy rose from the chair and walked around the empty room for a while before he walked back to Marian. He smirked. “We are all alone…” he whispered.

Marian smiled and gave him a curious look. “Really? And what do you want to do then?” she asked and put her arms around his neck.

“Start undressing and I’ll tell you…” he groaned deeply and began to undo his leather jacket.

Marian obeyed slowly and then sat down on the edge of the table. “What if someone sees us?” she asked unsure.

“There’s no one here… I promise.” Guy smiled and bent down and kissed her on the lips, deeply and passionately. Marian quickly helped him untie his leather trousers before she lay down on the table. Guy covered her with himself not long after and kissed her across her chest before he entered her.

“G-Guuuyy….” Marian moaned in his ear. “I… I think I – heard… sooomething…” she breathed out.

Guy stared at her while breathing deep as he made the movements quicker. “No… Don’t worry… There’s no one – here.” he said and kissed her one more time.

A few minutes later – Marian turned her head when she saw a shadow flying by. “GUY!” she shouted.

Guy quickly turned his head towards the other side of the table and stared into a pair of green eyes. Both Guy and Marian got taken by surprise and rolled off the table. Their naked bodies hit the ice-cold stone floor and when Guy quickly tried to rise he hit his head in the table.

He kept the pain within himself as he slowly and carefully looked over the edge of the table to see who was watching them on the other side. When he saw who it was he closed his eyes and groaned, and slid down on the floor again next to Marian.

Guy and Marian watched the fluffy four-legged animal jump down from the table and stroll towards the stairs and soon disappear.

Guy sighed and turned his head to Marian who started giggling. “I hate that cat.” he said and closed his eyes.


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